Thursday, March 19, 2009

Process Journal

Week 4:
I have started the keynote again and im gonna make it much better. Just hope that the accident wont occur again ...

Week 3 :
 today something really bad happened. the keynote crashed and we had to start all over again. But i think we have a new strategy, three people work on the keynote (me isaac and rami) and harris and ali work on things like the song. Hopefully this time this keynote wont crash!

Week 2:
 I think we are progressing satisfactorily.... we have almost finished with the keynote, we've made the music but one thing we're lacking is the acting/filming, both for the keynote and the video. I think we should just finish the keynote and just move on to the filming.

Week 1:
We are going to make two things, a video and a keynote.
For the video we are deciding to do some bullying scenes where Rami and Harris are the victims, Isaac and Ali are the Bullies and I'm the Teacher. We basically hope to teach people a lesson that bullying can be very dangerous and that people should stop now or someone could get seriously injured.

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ur the shorty but there was not enof pics